What To Do If You Are A CDL Offender

CDL drivers have a lot of responsibility to be a good driver in the State of Florida. You risk your Commercial Driver’s License with every traffic infraction, even if it happened in your own personal vehicle when you were not working. The implications are severe; you’ll face higher penalties than non-CDL licensed drivers and the possibility of permanently losing your Commercial Driver’s License after just two infractions. You also have a duty to inform your employer of the ticket and/or the State of Florida if the infraction occurred out of state and you may face higher insurance rates.

If you are a CDL driver who has committed one or more traffic violations, you need to contact a traffic law attorney at Skubiak & Rivas as soon as possible. We can review your situation and take steps to minimize the damage a ticket can cause.

You Have A Right To Fight Back

As with any other traffic ticket, you have a right to defend yourself against charges that you feel are unfair, unjust, or incorrectly assigned. With the right defense, charges can be reduced or even dismissed, saving your driving record.

Time is of the essence for CDL drivers. Since you are open to so much more risk than a non-CDL driver and since charges add up quickly, you need to take actions to protect your driving record and privileges right away. In most cases you will only have 30 days to respond to a traffic citation.

Contact Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. in Orlando, Florida right away to receive a free consultation and assessment of your situation. We’ll be honest and upfront about your options and will draw on our more than 60 years of combined experience to defend your driving record.

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