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Are you feeling bummed that you just received a speeding ticket. Don’t worry. This is the first piece of advice we have for you. We are most likely able to help you resolve your situation. Getting a speeding ticket is not unique, hundreds of speeding tickets are issued daily in Florida. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 10% of all drivers will receive a speeding ticket in a year period. That’s a lot of speeding tickets issue annually.

There are consequences for getting a ticket.

• Higher Insurance Rates
• Points on Your Drivers License
• Time and Aggravating of either fighting or paying for the ticket

We can help you. In most cases you do not have to even step inside a courthouse. Yes, we handle everything over the phone saving you hours or time.

We have 40 years of combined experience and have seen thousands of cases. Contact us for a consultation at 407-894-4449.