Weapons Charges

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The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution provides citizens with the right to bear arms. However, this right is limited to protect the safety and welfare of those citizens. Below is a list of the most common weapons violations:

Carrying concealed weapon or firearm:

-The weapon must be on or about the person and must be concealed from the ordinary sight of another person.

Possession of firearm or ammunition by convicted felon:

-A person previously convicted of any felony can receive up to 15 years prison for possession of a single bullet.

Possession of a weapon during commission of a felony:

-Does not require the weapon to be used or even displayed. Mere possession is sufficient for a conviction.

Improper exhibition of a weapon or firearm:

-The weapon must be displayed to another in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner.

Discharging a firearm in public:

-The firearm can either be discharged in public, over a roadway, over an occupied premises, or from a residential property.

Shooting or throwing deadly missiles:

-The title of this crime can be misleading. This offense involves a wanton or malicious shooting or throwing of a stone or other hard object likely to cause death or great bodily harm into a building, motor vehicle, train, or vessel.

Altering or removing serial number from firearm:

-The serial number must be removed with the intent to disguise the true identity of the firearm.

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