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Having a Florida Drivers License is a privilege, not a right. This means that it can be removed from you at any point in time. There are several reasons the State of Florida may invalidate your drivers license.

You may lose your license for the following reasons.


Each moving violation in the State of Florida is assigned a point value. Exceeding a certain level of points a period of time may result in the suspension of your drivers license.

Below are Florida Traffic Violations with assigned point values.


Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage of more than $50 6 Points
Unlawful speed resulting in an accident 6 Points
Reckless driving 4 Points
Any moving violation resulting in an accident 4 Points
Passing a stopped school bus 4 Points
Driving During Restricted Hours 3 Points
Unlawful speed – 16 MPH or more over lawful or posted speed 4 Points
Unlawful speed – 15 MPH or less over lawful or posted speed 3 Points
All other moving violations (including parking on a highway outside the limits of municipalities) 3 Points
Violation of curfew 3 Points
Open container as an operator 3 Points
Child restraint violation 3 Points

Do you know how many points you have on your Florida Drivers License. Have you sought a FREE consultation from a traffic attorney? If not, you maybe setting yourself up for higher insurance rates and a higher risk for more penalties. Below are the maximum point values that will result in a suspension of your Florida Drivers License.


  • 12 points within a 12-month period results in a 30-day drivers license suspension
  • 18 points within a 18-month period results in a 3-month drivers license suspension
  • 24 points within a 36-month period results in a 1-year drivers license suspension

If you pulled over and are ticketed with points, you have options. We have 30 years of combined experience and have seen thousands of traffic related cases. Contact us for a consultation at 407-894-4449.


*Only applies to Orange County, FL.