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The absolute worst time to call a traffic ticket attorney is after you’ve paid a ticket. By that point, the damage has already been done.

The best time to call is before you pay it. That way, your attorney can help protect your driving record. Keeping points off your record will not only ensure you retain your driving privileges, but will also keep your auto insurance rates under control.

If you recently received a traffic citation, it’s important to contact an experienced traffic defense law firm as soon as possible. Here are the top four reasons to do so.

#1 – To Keep Your Driving Record In Good Standing

Points stay on your record for years. Once they appear, they can jeopardize your driving privilege. An attorney will defend you and protect your record, fighting to get the charges levied against you dismissed or reduced.

#2 – To Prevent Your Insurance Rates From Rising

Auto insurers become skittish when their clients are convicted of traffic violations. They often raise offenders’ rates to compensate for the added presumed risk of insuring them.

Your attorney will use every possible defense tactic to keep your record clean. In doing so, he or she can help keep your insurance rates at their current level.

#3 – To Fully Leverage The Law For Your Protection

Most people who decide to fight their traffic tickets do so by trying to prove their innocence. The problem is, that strategy is rarely successful.

Traffic defense lawyers investigate whether errors were made by the officer issuing the citation. Identifying such mistakes may result in the charges being dismissed.

#4 – To Negotiate Reduced Penalties

Suppose a police officer caught you speeding and made zero mistakes when issuing the traffic citation. In such a case, the chances of getting the charges dismissed on a technicality are slim.

All is not lost. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a reduced fine. While points will still appear on your record, you’ll at least minimize the financial consequences associated with the conviction.

Here’s the takeaway: nothing can be done about a traffic ticket once you pay it. The key is to get in touch with an attorney before you do so. That gives you the best possible chance of keeping your driving record in good standing.