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More red light cameras will be going up around Central Florida and if you get caught running one, you could pay big time — up to $400.

If you could put a price on safety, it would be around $400, the price for trying to fight a red light ticket and losing. Sgt. Kim Montes, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said the price doesn’t matter because the cameras serve a purpose of reminding drivers to obey the law.

“Since these cameras have gone in, we’ve actually seen a reduction in crashes at intersections,” said Montes.

There is measure sitting on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk which increases the price you could pay if you run a red light and are caught. Right now the cost is $150. But if the governor signs the bill, you can still pay the $150 or you can fight it.” Source News13

What’s going to have to be done is a ballot initiative. We have to get a committee put together and people have to do a Constitutional Amendment to the Florida Constitution outlawing the use of cameras and traffic detection systems“, States Albert Pucylowski

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