Traffic Attorney Albert Pucylowski is Interviewed on News13 about Fighting Red Light Camera Ticket and The Potential Costs

"More red light cameras will be going up around Central Florida and if you get caught running one, you could pay big time -- up to $400.

If you could put a price on safety, it would be around $400, the price for trying to fight a red light ticket and losing. Sgt. Kim Montes, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said the price doesn’t matter because the cameras serve a purpose of reminding drivers to obey the law.

“Since these cameras have gone in, we’ve actually seen a reduction in crashes at intersections,” said Montes.

There is measure sitting on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk which increases the price you could pay if you run a red light and are caught. Right now the cost is $150. But if the governor signs the bill, you can still pay the $150 or you can fight it." Source News13

"What’s going to have to be done is a ballot initiative. We have to get a committee put together and people have to do a Constitutional Amendment to the Florida Constitution outlawing the use of cameras and traffic detection systems", States Albert Pucylowski

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