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So you’re trying to get somewhere important—maybe work, maybe to visit a relative.

And yes, you might be going a little over the speed limit.

But suddenly you see the blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror and your heart is in your mouth.

What do you do?

Hopefully, you do what the law requires—you
pull over to the side of the road and get your license and registration
information available to hand over to the cop.

But what else should you do? You hear all
the time that some people manage to “talk their way” out of a traffic ticket
and wonder, “Is this something I could do?”

In this article, we offer some proven tips for trying to get out of a ticket. We can guarantee that they will be successful. But we can assure you that you will be giving yourself the best chance to beat the rap.


Tip 1: Be Polite to the Officer

You have a better chance of convincing the officer not to give you a ticket if you are polite.

Cops usually have somewhere else they’d rather be than talking to you on the side of the road, so don’t escalate the situation by being rude.

Smile at the officer and hand over your information when asked.


Tip 2: Don’t Give a Sob Story for Getting Out of a Ticket

Avoid spinning some tall tale about how
you’re rushing home because your wife has gone into labor. A cop won’t believe
you and you will only lose credibility.

Of course, you don’t want to admit you
were speeding, either. Instead, you could say something like, “Yeah, I guess
it’s possible I was going a little fast. I don’t really know.” Keep it neutral.
Don’t call the cop a liar but also don’t admit to anything.


Tip 3: Don’t Flirt

This is advice for the ladies out there—and for the men who get a female cop. You might think that trying to use charm on the officer will work, but that’s unlikely.

They aren’t out on the road looking for dates. Instead, they’re out there putting in the time like everybody else for a paycheck.

If you flirt, you might actually come across as drunk or high, which suddenly makes you suspicious for a DUI.


Tip 4: Ask for a Warning—Nicely

So long as you weren’t barreling through a school zone, you can ask the officer to give you a warning instead of a ticket.

Ask, don’t demand.

You can say something like, “Do you think you could give me a warning this once?”

If the officer insists on giving you a ticket, accept it kindly. You don’t need to anger the cop.


Tip 5: Hire a Traffic Attorney

If you failed to talk your way out of a ticket, you now need to know how to get a speeding ticket dismissed. This is much harder and is why you need a lawyer’s assistance.

A traffic attorney can look at the evidence the police have against you and decide whether going ahead and fighting the ticket makes sense.

Here are the negatives of fighting a ticket: you could lose, which means you’ll not only have to pay the fine, but also court costs and your attorneys’ fees.

This could put you back a bit. It’s much better just to attend a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course for 4 hours to keep the points off your record.

However, some people have no choice but to fight. You can only take a BDI course once every 12 months and a maximum of 5 over your lifetime.

If you’re pushed up against either limit, then fighting the ticket at least gives you a chance of an acquittal.

At our firm, we will give you flat-out
honest advice about whether you have a chance to beat the ticket. It’s then up
to you whether to go ahead with the trial or to admit guilt.


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You might also find that it’s more economical to fight a ticket than to immediately admit defeat and possibly get your license suspended.

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