Texting and Driving is Illegal in Florida - And You Can Get a Ticket

We've seen the story play out before.

You get pulled over for speeding, running a stop sign, running a red light, or some other violation.

The next thing you know, you're getting a ticket for using your phone while you were driving.

The fines don't seem that expensive at first, but they add up quickly when you include other associated costs.

In some cases, using your phone while driving could lead to a reckless driving or careless driving charge.

Facing these charges makes things serious rather quickly.

Texting and Driving Citations in Florida

According to Florida Statute 316.305, texting and driving is now illegal. If you get a ticket for the offense, you may not realize that you have options. Simply paying your citation right away is not usually the best idea. It's up to the state of Florida to PROVE that you were using your cellphone in an illegal manner while driving - but it isn't always that easy.

The traffic ticket lawyers at Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. can help ensure you're treated fairly by the court. Perhaps you had a perfectly valid reason for using your phone.

There are several other limitations to the texting ban. For example, the following exemptions have been carved out for drivers who are:

  • using the device for navigation purposes of call 911
  • receiving information relating to traffic or weather alerts
  • receiving radio broadcasts

The new law still allows drivers to use a wireless communications device to make phone calls while operating the vehicle. The law also does not apply when the vehicle is stationary.

If one of these factors applies, you're not guilty of the charge of texting and driving.

It's also possible that the officer was mistaken, and you weren't using your phone at all.

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