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If you have been cited for three civil or criminal traffic violations within the last five years, the State of Florida, considers you to be a habitual traffic offender. You will automatically lose your license for five years if you don’t fight the charges. And those charges can be fought successfully.

A traffic law attorney from Skubiak & Rivas can help you reduce your past convictions, thereby saving you from becoming a habitual traffic offender and helping you to keep your license.

Reducing Past Convictions In Orlando

It is possible to reduce past convictions if you act quickly. Drivers have anywhere from 30 days to two years from the time of conviction to fight the charges, depending on the specific charge(s). Attorneys can use a variety of different legal challenges to have convictions thrown out or charges reduced. This can lead to a revocation of the Florida habitual traffic offender five-year suspension.

One of the most common ways a driver becomes a habitual traffic offender is by driving while their license is suspended without knowing it. By paying civil tickets for driving without fighting the charges, a driver admits guilt and the charge goes on his or her driving record. Once you have earned 3 civil tickets, you can be labeled a habitual traffic offender in Orlando, Osceola, Seminole, or Orange Counties.

What’s unjust about this is many of these charges could have been fought, avoiding the mark on the driving record. Drivers could also have asked the court for a withhold of adjudication and avoided the infraction entirely.

A good traffic law attorney will examine your driving record, identify situations like these where the conviction could be overturned or reduced and save your driver’s license.

Fight Habitual Traffic Offender Charges With Help From Skubiak & Rivas

Contact Skubiak & Rivas at 407-894-4449 for help removing the underlying offenses that led to your habitual traffic offender status. We will explore all of your legal options to get the habitual traffic offender status lifted so that you can legally drive without restrictions. We offer free consultations so you can explore your options before proceeding.