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Hire an Orlando Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Help with Your Red Light Violation

Florida right light ticket lawyer

A red light ticket might seem like a minor inconvenience.

In fact, you might be tempted to just pay the fine and move on.

But that’s not your best option. You’re facing points on your license, and those add up quickly.

Instead of paying what might be an unjust ticket, talk to Florida traffic ticket attorneys Skubiak & Rivas, P.A.

The Florida Highway Patrol, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and City of Orlando Police cited 3,991 drivers for running a red light during 2017.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles monitors these stats. However, 38 percent of these tickets saw reduced fines. 15 percent of all cases ended up as a dismissal for various reasons.

Based upon these figures, the odds are good that you could get a favorable result, especially if you get legal help from a lawyer for red light tickets.

At Skubiak & Rivas, the Ticket Law Firm, we have assisted many clients throughout Orlando and Orange County with a wide range of traffic citations. Our primary focus is defending drivers in these types of cases, so we have amassed extensive experience and knowledge of the law.

Please contact our office to schedule a free consultation with our experienced team. You may also find it useful to review some important information about your rights and defense options.

Did you get a red light ticket in FLorida?

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Summary of Florida’s Red Light Laws

It is common knowledge that red means stop for motorists, and you can get a ticket for failure to do so. There are two circumstances under which you can receive a citation for running a red light:

  1. A police officer witnesses your violation of traffic laws and pulls you over; or,
  2. A red light camera captures your vehicle going through a red light and you get a ticket via mail.

Despite legal battles over the legality of red light cameras, these devices remain legal and constitutional in Florida. However, a citation does not mean that you are automatically guilty. You have the opportunity to contest the allegations at a hearing before a judge, during which it is essential to have a Florida red light ticket lawyer to represent you.

Harsh Penalties for Red Light Tickets

The fine for running a stop sign or red light is approximately $125 in Florida. There will be three points added to your driving record. You could face a suspended driver’s license if you accumulate more than 12 points in a year. For a red light camera ticket, your fine could be up to $158. If you pay it right away, you do not accumulate any points.

In addition, there are other consequences for a red light ticket. Your insurance rates may go up if your provider considers your conduct as high risk. As the holder of a Florida Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you could be out-of-service or even lose your job. Considering the serious consequences, you can see the importance of retaining a lawyer for red light tickets.

Defenses to Red Light Violations

There are multiple strategies to dispute a red light ticket, the specifics of which depend upon the circumstances. If an officer ticketed you, an attorney will identify and exploit weaknesses in the case against you. The court must dismiss your case if the prosecutor cannot prove the essential elements.

Your lawyer for red light tickets will also be able to present evidence and testimony regarding your version of the facts.

For red light tickets based upon a camera, there are also ways to contest the images. The device may have malfunctioned or not been properly maintained. If there are any technical issues, the court must throw the images out, and there will be no evidence to prove you violated the law. Plus, the cameras do not always capture clear pictures.

You may have a defense if it is not obvious that you were driving the vehicle.

Hire the Best Florida Red Light Ticket Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

When you are looking for an attorney to defend you, you certainly want the best red light ticket lawyer with high-level qualifications. Though there are plenty of red light ticket attorneys in Orlando that say they can help, but most do not dedicate their practice to assisting drivers with traffic citations. At Skubiak & Rivas, the Ticket Law Firm, you will find that our attorneys meet your needs in such areas as:

Knowledge: Our attorneys know red light traffic ticket laws, procedural rules, process, and what works to defend your interests. Much of our knowledge comes from our meticulous understanding of the Florida statutes, but we are also in court almost every day.

Experience: Our lawyers have spent more than 25 years representing clients in traffic citation cases, including red light ticket defense. We are proud to have saved thousands of drivers money, points on their driving record, and other unfortunate consequences. It is one thing to have a law degree, but experience matters when it comes to red light tickets.

Focus: We stand behind our name, Orlando’s Ticket Law Firm, by concentrating on red light ticket and traffic citation defense. Our attorneys only handle these types of cases, which means we do not get distracted by other areas of law. General practice lawyers may have broad legal skills, but they do not have the focused aptitude that is necessary to fight red light tickets.

Personalized Attention: When you retain our firm, you will primarily deal with our attorneys. We take pride in offering customized representation, so we will rarely defer your calls or messages off to an assistant, paralegal, or other member of our team. Our clients back us up, as they have given our firm 4.5 out of 5 stars from various online review resources.

Call Now to Set Up a Free Consultation with a Florida Red Light Ticket Lawyer

Citations for running a red light can hit your wallet and have an impact on your driving privileges, but there are ways to fight the allegations. For more information, please contact Skubiak & Rivas the Ticket Law Firm, to schedule a no-cost case evaluation. You can call 407-894-4449 to reach our Orlando office, or visit us online to set up your appointment with a lawyer for red light tickets. We can explain your potential defense options after reviewing the details of your case