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Received a red light ticket in Orlando, FL. Was frustrated and decided I wasn’t just going to let the Red Light Camera Automated Money Machine take my hard earned money. A side note: I received this ticket over SIX MONTHS after the alleged infraction! Found Skubiak and Rivas online, researched their history, etc. They charged a little more than regular for my case since I have a CDL (commercial drivers license) but I felt it was worth it. I don’t use the CDL but I’m not giving it up and going back to a regular license since I have earned it and may use it in the future. My case was finally scheduled and then eventually continued. Shortly after the continuance, I received notification that my case had been dismissed. Great news! In the end, I ended up only paying the attorney fee; no red light fee, no points, no increased insurance rates, etc. I could not be a happier client and if the need ever arises would definitely use them again in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves a victim of the Red Light Camera Automated Money Machine. – CM Draco. August 2017

Many cities in Florida are now using red light cameras to hand out tickets. These cameras are here to stay and we have experience fighting these tickets.

Do not pay your red light camera ticket until you speak with us. We will give you an open and honest answer on how to proceed with your ticket.

After you are given a citation for running a red light, you have only a few weeks to fight the citation. When you receive the citation, do not delay. Call our office to schedule an appointment at 407-894-4449.

Don’t go to court and risk losing. Hire us to fight red light camera ticket.