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You’ve received a red light camera ticket in the mail. You’re tempted to pay the $158 Notice of Violation, if only to move on with your life.

But that may be the worst possible response.

Paying the ticket is easy and convenient. It’s also what the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) hopes you’ll do. But if you contest the ticket with the help of a seasoned Florida traffic ticket attorney, it’s possible to get it dismissed.

Does A Photo Always Lead To A Conviction?

The photo shows you going through a red light. So you’re going to be convicted of a red-light violation, right?

Not necessarily.

Red light camera tickets have been dismissed due to faulty equipment, the driver’s clean driving record, and compelling arguments showing innocence (e.g. your view of the traffic light was obstructed).

How To Prevent Points From Hitting Your Driving Record

If you pay a red light camera ticket within 30 days of its receipt, it won’t show on your record. This is another enticement used by the DHSMV to coax you into paying the ticket outright.

If 30 days pass and you haven’t paid the fine, you’ll receive a $277 Florida Uniform Traffic Citation. At this point, it’s doubly important that you refuse to pay the fine and contest the charge. Paying it outright will negatively impact your driving record.

How To Fight A Red-Light Camera Ticket

The Florida traffic ticket defense team at Skubiak & Rivas has defended thousands of clients against all types of traffic-related charges. Our firm has been successfully representing Florida residents since 1993. With more than six decades of combined experience, our team uses the latest and most effective trial and motion practices to aggressively defend our clients.

We’re ready to do the same for you.

The Florida courts take red-light camera tickets seriously. Let our attorneys create a defense that will produce the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact us today at 407-904-7943or complete this short online form for a free, no-risk consultation.