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Fight a Traffic Ticket in Polk County, Florida

Traffic tickets are common in Polk County. Whether you were cited for speeding, running a red light, another traffic violation, or you’re facing more serious charges like DUI, we can help.

Traffic tickets can run up in cost quickly, and they can cost you more than just money. You could face points are your license, a suspension, or worse.

The Traffic Law Firm dedicated traffic ticket law firm located in Central Florida and providing representation throughout the State of Florida. We are committed to protecting your Florida driving license privileges and helping make sure that your driving record stays clean of any violations that may affect your record or insurance.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the team at Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. provides aggressive traffic ticket defense and representation. Our goal with every traffic ticket violation is to reduce or eliminate the consequences of receiving a traffic violation or infraction.

Cities in Polk County Florida That We Represent for Traffic Tickets

If you get a speeding ticket or traffic citation do the following.

  • Do not pay the ticket until you speak with us.
  • Call us right away, we offer FREE Consultations.
  • Know your rights and let us help you.

We have 40 years of combined experience and have resolved thousands of cases. Contact us for a consultation at 407-894-4449.