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Think twice before getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking. The law permits drivers some leeway, but this is dependent on your blood alcohol level. We often underestimate our level of intoxication. The legal blood alcohol level is .08; which for most of us is just a drink or two. Always try to err on the safe side and take a tax or wait a couple of hours before getting behind the wheel.

Here are some helpful tips to remember just in case you or a friend is ever pulled over. Skubiak & Rivas P.A. is Orlando DUI lawyers specializing in all Orlando traffic ticket offenses.

How do police officer’s spot drunk drivers?

Police officers look at a variety of symptoms present by a drunk driver. The list is based on research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration. The list is in descending order of probability that the person observed is driving under the influence (DUI).

  1. Turing with a wide radius
  2. Straddling center of the lane marker
  3. “Appearing to be drunk”
  4. Almost striking object or vehicle
  5. Weaving
  6. Swerving
  7. Driving more than 10 mph below the speed limit (driving too slow)
  8. Stopping without cause in traffic lane
  9. Following too closely
  10. Drifting
  11. Tires on center or lane market
  12. Braking erratically
  13. Driving into opposing or crossing traffic
  14. Signaling inconsistent with driving actions
  15. Slow response to traffic signals
  16. Stopping inappropriately (other than in lane)
  17. Turing abruptly or illegally
  18. Accelerating or decelerating rapidly
  19. Headlights off

What are police officers looking for during the initial detention at the scene? The list is in no particular order.

  1. Odor of alcohol on breath
  2. Flushed face
  3. Red, watery, glassy and/or bloodshot eyes
  4. Slurred speech
  5. Fumbling with your wallet while trying to get license
  6. Failure to comprehend the officer’s questions
  7. Staggering when exiting vehicle
  8. Swaying/instability on feet
  9. Leaning on car for support
  10. Combative, argumentative, jovial or other “inappropriate” attitude
  11. Soiled, rumpled, disorderly clothing
  12. Stumbling while walking
  13. Disorientation as to the time and place