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Juvenile Attorney – Alain Rivas

Juvenile law is different from adult criminal law for many reasons. The goal here is not punishment, but rather rehabilitation. The courts are careful not to place a stigma or label on the juveniles. This is why different terms are used in juvenile court. Instead of “defendant,” they use the word, “child.” Instead of “guilty,” the child may be found “delinquent,” and so on.

There is no constitutional right to a jury trial for juveniles. Their cases will be held before a judge only. The Department of Juvenile Justice is involved in every case and makes a recommendation to the court for sentencing.

Additionally, the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure are not used. Instead, the juvenile courts use the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure which vary drastically. There are specific rules regarding the detention of juveniles awaiting trial. In some cases, the trial must be set within 21 days of arrest.

It is important not to delay in hiring experienced representation. Attorney Alain Rivas is a former juvenile prosecutor. Prior to that he worked with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Attorney Alain Rivas is knowledgeable in the juvenile rules and is aware of possible outcomes such as diversion programs, probation, and commitment programs.


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