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Violation of Probation occurs more frequently than most people think. As frequently as this occurs, this is still a major issue that you should address with an attorney.

Punishment can sometimes be worse than the actual punishment for the original crime.

Florida State Statue defines a VOP violation as..

948.06 Violation of probation or community control; revocation; modification; continuance; failure to pay restitution or cost of supervision.

What happens next:
Violation of probation (VOP) case commences when the probation officer files an affidavit for VOP. They will also have a VOP warrant issued for the probationer’s arrest. The police will execute the warrant at their residence or place of business and the offender is taken to jail. The offender will not be entitled to a bond on a VOP. They will remain in jail until the resolution of their case.

Call the office of Skubiak and Rivas P.A. if you have a violation of parole as to not further increase your chances of punishment at 407-894.4449.