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How to Get a Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissed

Florida has aggressively embraced red light cameras over the past few years. Sold as a public safety measure, red light cameras actually help the government flood its coffers with money.

Whereas once a ticket could only be issued if a cop observed a red-light infraction, now cameras catch motorists speeding through a red light.

The camera works like this: whenever a motorist passes through an intersection on a red light, a sensor is activated. The camera then takes a picture of the license plate and the driver. These pictures are mailed to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner along with the citation.

Instead of immediately paying the fine, read on for more information about how to get a red light camera ticket dismissed. And if you have a question, give us a call.

Check the Photographs

The case against you is only as good as the photographs. Some are blurry and might not capture the license plate properly. Other pictures might not show who was driving the vehicle. Remember, a motorist can only get a ticket if he or she was personally driving the vehicle. A person is not automatically liable because they lent their vehicle to someone else.

If someone else was driving your vehicle, you can file an affidavit in which you identify that person and provide contact information.

Consider whether the Device Malfunctioned

The sensor might not have worked properly, which means it could have photographed someone driving through the green light. As a defense, this is a stretch, but you might have observed the camera taking pictures while people drove through the intersection on a green light. The state should know whether its cameras were malfunctioning.

Argue You Were Already in the Intersection

You might have already been in the intersection before the light turned red. For example, the vehicle in front of you could have stopped suddenly, in which case you had to stop. You can argue you did not violate the law because you would have cleared the intersection but for the driver in front of you.

Argue You Were Making a Right Turn on Red

A right-on-red turn is allowed under the law. However, the camera should actually catch you turning, not driving straight through the intersection. Closely study the photographs to see if you can credibly raise this defense.

Decide Whether to Fight It

You probably received a notice of violation in the mail, which comes with a fine but does not add any points to your record. In this situation you might be out $158, but there is not a risk that your license and you won’t have a conviction on your driving record.

If you don’t pay the notice of violation, you can end up with a $262 ticket, which will be a violation. The traffic ticket attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas, P.A., have helped defend many people in red light ticket cases. These are challenging, but you should understand your rights before simply agreeing to pay a fine.

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