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Your commercial driver’s license may be critical to your livelihood. For that reason, it’s important to protect your qualification as a commercial vehicle operator. Traffic tickets can literally affect your ability to make a living.

Did you know that, as a CDL holder, you’re held to a higher standard than other motorists? A couple incidents of carelessness can have a lasting impact on your ability to operate a commercial vehicle. Following are five things you need to know to keep your operators license in good standing.

#1 – You Can Lose Your CDL Permanently

A standard driver’s license is revoked permanently only under the most egregious circumstances. Not so with a commercial driver’s license. Two major violations can lead to permanent disqualification.

#2 – Traffic Tickets While Driving Your Own Vehicle Can Affect Your CDL

Convictions for speeding, driving under the influence, and other moving violations while operating your own vehicle will impact your CDL in Florida. Moving violations while driving a personal vehicle can result in points on a CDL.

#3 – You Must Inform Your Employer Of Traffic Violation Convictions

If you’re convicted of a moving violation while operating a commercial vehicle, you’re required to notify your employer within 30 days. This notification must be made in writing, detail the offense, and carry your signature.

#4 – Florida Laws Preclude Point Removal For CDL Holders

Non-CDL holders can often attend approved traffic schools or driving courses to reduce the number of points on their driving record. In Florida, this option isn’t available to CDL holders who receive tickets.

As a CDL holder, your options are to pay the ticket or set a hearing. You should never do the former without first contacting a CDL ticket attorney. Your attorney will not only work to help you avoid becoming a CDL offender, but can also attend your hearing in your stead.

#5 – The Level Of Disqualification Depends On The Violation(s)

Traffic violations for CDL holders are categorized in one of two ways: serious or major. A single serious violation won’t preclude you from driving a commercial vehicle. But two serious violations in a 3-year period can result in a 60-day disqualification. Three such violations in the same time frame can result in a 120-day disqualification.

Major violations carry more severe consequences. A single major violation can result in a 1-year disqualification. A second major violation will usually result in permanent disqualification.

If you have a commercial driver’s license, it’s in your interest to fight any and all traffic tickets. A conviction could negatively affect your ability to operate a commercial vehicle and make a living. The experienced CDL ticket attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas are ready to evaluate your case and help you keep your operators license in good standing. If you’ve recently received a ticket, call us today at 407-894-4449 or complete the short form on this page for a free consultation.