Hiring the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Florida

A speeding ticket can make a good day bad, and fast.

Florida Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Nobody wants to deal with fines, points on their license, and other consequences.

You might think you should just get it over with and pay the ticket - but that's a mistake.

The traffic ticket lawyers at Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. are ready to help.

We know what it takes to get the job done, and will take the fight to court for you.


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Speeding Tickets are Common in Florida

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles stats show that Florida police issued 44,505 speeding tickets in Orange County in 2017. Many of those cited did pay their fines and accepted other legal penalties.

They did not realize the benefits of fighting the charges.

Law enforcement and prosecutors know that people tend to avoid contesting a speeding ticket. This is why they issue many tickets without sufficient proof.

The fine may not seem significant, but there are other consequences that can have an effect on your life.

After an officer tickets you, we can help.

Hire a firm that knows the laws and has extensive experience in defending such citations. Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. have an entire practice group dedicated to fighting speeding tickets. Throughout Orlando and Orange County people know us as the Traffic Law Firm. Please contact our office to learn more about the benefits of retaining a lawyer for speeding tickets, and read on for some important information on these cases.

Overview of Florida’s Speeding Laws

The typical speeding scenario is familiar and relatively straightforward. You are traveling in excess of the posted speed limit, a police officer pulls you over, and you get a ticket.

However, there is much more to the law than you would expect, which is why working with a Florida speeding ticket lawyer is crucial. A prosecuting attorney represents the state of Florida. They must prove certain facts to win the case in court. Failure to establish the essential elements means the judge must dismiss your ticket.

Our lawyers know how to draw attention to these failures, making it necessary for the court to find in your favor. Each case is different. We will review your circumstances to determine the best defense strategy.

Sanctions for a Florida Speeding Violations

You have 30 days to resolve your ticket, and there are three options available under Florida law:

  1. Pay the fine;
  2. Elect to go to traffic school;
  3. or,Request a court date.

You should always select option #3 if you want to contest the speeding ticket, even if you think the court will rule against you. There are plenty of ways to defend your interests, depending on the details of your case. Our speeding ticket lawyers will review the circumstances and explain more about your options.

The other alternatives are costly, and you are basically accepting your fate. By not fighting, you will certainly pay a fine. For instance, even if you have a clean driving record, your fine for speeding is solely based upon how many miles per hour over the limit you were traveling. The exact amount also varies by location, so in Orange County:

  • Your fine is $129 for going 6-9 miles over the posted limit;
  • You must pay $204 if you were speeding at 10-14 mph over the limit;
  • Speeding at a rate of 15-19 mph over the posted limit means a fine of $254;
  • Your fine is $279 for speeding in excess of 20-29 mph; and,
  • You will pay hundreds of dollars in fines and you must attend a mandatory court hearing for traveling 30 mph or more in excess of the speed limit.

In addition, Florida operates on a points based system for traffic tickets. You accumulate three points for speeding at a rate of 15 mph or less, and four points for going more than 15 mph over the limit. Once you hit 12 points within a year, you will have your driver’s license suspended for 30 days. For 24 points within three years, you lose your driving privileges for a full year. These points remain on your record for three years after you accumulate them, even after serving a suspension.

Plus, there are additional consequences for a speeding ticket. Your insurance rates may skyrocket, especially for excessive speeds that the insurance company considers “reckless.” If your license is suspended, it may affect your work. For holders of a Florida Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you could lose your license and your job.

The Best Speeding Ticket Attorney in Florida

Not all lawyers concentrate on speeding tickets and other types of traffic citations. This means they do not have the focus and determination to assist you in defending the case. At Skubiak & Rivas, the Ticket Law Firm, our attorneys commit to one goal: Helping you beat a speeding ticket. We possess:

Extensive Procedural Skills: There are multiple factors that the officer and prosecutor must prove through documentation and testimony. If they miss even one item on the checklist, the court must your speeding ticket case. Our lawyers can pinpoint and attack weaknesses in the allegations against you.

High Level Legal Knowledge: Officers determine your speed through certain equipment, primarily radar detection devices. However, these machines require calibration and frequent maintenance to operate properly. They also require specialized training for the operator. Our attorneys know the requirements and will expose any inconsistencies.

Dedication: Fighting traffic tickets is our primary focus. We help motorists beat citations, and we offer personalized attention to each client.

Experience: We concentrate of beating speeding tickets and other citations every single day. That means our lawyers have amassed considerable experience in the law, court procedures, and negotiating with prosecutors. After practicing in this legal field for more than 25 years, we know the defenses that work. We will employ all available tactics to get your ticket dismissed.

Contact a Florida Speeding Ticket Lawyer Today

For more information about how we can help you fight a traffic citation, please contact Skubiak & Rivas, the Ticket Law Firm. You can reach our Orlando office by calling 407-894-4449 or going online to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to explain your options and tell you more about the advantages of hiring a lawyer for speeding tickets.

How many days do I have to resolve my speeding ticket in Florida.

30 days.

Why should I have a Florida traffic ticket attorney fight your speeding ticket?

You may think you should just pay your speeding ticket. But, a Florida traffic ticket attorney can help reduce your ticket and sometimes even get your ticket dismissed.

Does Florida operate on a points system?

Yes. Depending on how fast you were going when you got pulled over, you will get assigned a certain amount of points to your record. Each amount of points will result in various fines and penalties. Learn more about points in Florida with Skubiak & Rivas.