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Fight Your Traffic Ticket With Skubiak & Rivas – Traffic Attorneys Orlando

A Simple Traffic Ticket is More Than a Fine

Receiving a citation from an Orlando law enforcement officer will cost you more than just the fine. You maybe assessed points on your driver’s license, which may cost you in higher insurance premiums. Don’t Pay Your Ticket Until You Speak To Us!

You Are Not Guilty

Receiving a ticket does not mean that you are guilty. You have certain rights that you need to understand. We Fight For Your Rights.

How To Get Your Fine Reduced, Points Removed or Your Ticket Dismissed

We have helped thousands of people in the Orlando area resolve their ticket and criminal cases. We specialize in traffic and criminal cases and fight to help you get your fine reduced, points removed or your ticket dismissed. Don’t Pay Your Ticket Until You Speak To Us!

Contact us for a free initial consultation at 407-894-4449