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Traffic Ticket Lawyers ◦ Central Florida’s Traffic Defense Law Firm

Getting an Orlando speeding ticket does not at all prove that you are guilty – or that you absolutely must pay it. Although many people choose to simply pay the ticket, few contest it. For those who do contest it using an Orlando traffic ticket attorney, often have their tickets dismissed. Call (407) 894-4449 for a free consultation.

Contesting and winning your Orlando speeding ticket has a number of benefits. You can avoid having points added to your driver’s license, paying your ticket(s), and you can keep your insurance premiums from increasing.

The law offices of Skubiak & Rivas, P.A., are ready to help you fight that Orlando speeding ticket. As an Orlando traffic ticket attorney, we have helped many others to contest their traffic tickets and have them dismissed – and we are ready to help you to avoid paying as well.

Talk With Us Before You Pay Your Orlando Speeding Ticket

You can find an Orlando traffic ticket attorney ready to help you at the offices of Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. We gladly tell you that we have helped thousands of people to contest their Orlando speeding ticket and we often see those tickets being dropped altogether, or fines being reduced.