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Many drivers are pulled over daily for speeding and committing other driving infractions. The cost of a speeding ticket may vary based on your speed and if you were speeding in a designated speed zone. Speeding tickets are not cheap and are always an unwelcome surprise. Receiving a speeding ticket or another violation in the Orlando area is not unusual and you should take action immediately.

Estimated Florida Speeding Fines

MPH Over (Fines with Traffic School)
6-9 MPH – $76.00

10-14 MPH – $137.50

15-19 MPH – $158.50

20-29 MPH – $178.50

30+ MPH – $260.50

MPH Over (Fines without Traffic School)
6-9 MPH – $80.50

10-14 MPH – $155.50

15-19 MPH – $180.50

20-29 MPH – $205.50

30+ MPH – $305.50

In the State of Florida, you are required by law to satisfy your traffic citation within 30 days from your was issued. After you have been pulled over, research your rights and educate yourself with a strategy.
Below are your options after receiving a citation.

Option 1: Pay your speeding ticket or infraction.
Option 2: Request traffic school
Option 3: Seek an Orlando based traffic lawyer to fight your ticket.

Your best option after receiving a ticket for excessive speed is to fight your speeding ticket with an Orlando traffic lawyer. The sooner you seek a lawyer for your driving infraction, the better. The idea behind seeking a lawyer is either to reduce your points, reduce your ticket penalty or to get your ticket dismissed.