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Moving violations can result in fines, license suspension, vehicle forfeiture, higher insurance rates, and even prison time. Worse, they can stay on your record for years. A felony violation can potentially follow you for a lifetime.

We strongly recommend that you speak with our team of experienced Florida traffic ticket defense attorneys if you’ve been charged with a moving violation. We’ll help you to fight the charges, and may succeed in getting them dropped or reduced.

But suppose you’ve already been convicted of a traffic violation. That’s not the end of the story. You may be able to clear it off your public record. You may be able to seek expungement.

Expungement Vs. Sealed Records

Expungement is often confused with record sealing. While they have similar end results, they differ in procedure and nuance.

When a traffic violation is expunged, it is completely wiped off your record. It no longer exists. It cannot be referred to in a legal sense. Once a traffic felony has been expunged, it will be as if you were never convicted of it.

A sealed record is hidden from public view. It still exists, and can be unsealed with a court order. But for most intents and purposes, access to it is restricted.

The Limits Of Expungement

Not all convictions for moving violations are eligible for expungement. For example, a first-time speeding offense is treated differently than a fourth-time DUI. Nor is it possible to have convictions expunged in all states. Some states have laws that disallow the practice.

Moreover, in Florida, it isn’t possible to expunge convictions for moving violations from your driving record. While you may be able to wipe clean your arrest record and criminal record, your conviction will still be attached to your driver’s license.

How To Seek Expungement Of Your Traffic Violations

If you’ve been convicted of a moving violation, speak with a qualified traffic defense attorney regarding whether expungement is an option. The laws governing expungement are complex and vary by state. Your lawyer will be able to determine your eligibility.

In the event you’re eligible, it pays to have experienced legal representation. Your attorney will advocate on your behalf to the judge hearing your case. That will make your case for expungement more compelling.

Our Florida traffic defense lawyers will help you fight charges related to moving violations. If you’ve already been convicted, we may be able to reduce the consequences. Contact our attorneys by calling 407-904-7943 or filling out the form on this website for a free, no-risk consultation.