How to Fight Florida Turnpike Speed Limit Speeding Ticket

Florida Turnpike Speed Limit

If you've ever traveled the Florida Turnpike, you know firsthand how tempting it is to drive faster than the posted speed limit (an average of 70 mph).

It's a long, straight drive with little to look at along the way. Occasionally, though, you'll see a police officer with someone pulled over for speeding.

Most people consider the Turnpike to be one long speed trap (technically, it's a long series of speed traps). Speeding will often lead to an expensive citation, but you could get caught up even when innocent.

But think twice before paying the ticket. An experienced traffic defense attorney can help. They may be able to get the State to drop the charge altogether.

Who Monitors The Florida Turnpike Speed Limit?

Troop K patrols the Turnpike. This has been the case since 1957. Their vehicles have special high-speed engines that ensure they're able to overtake offenders. Don't try to outrun them if they pull you over.

In addition, Florida Highway Patrol command aircraft that patrol the length of the Turnpike from the air, looking specifically for motorists exceeding the posted limits. The aircraft fly high enough to be virtually invisible to drivers. But they're equipped with technology that can easily identify each driver's traveling speed.

Ticketed for Speeding on the Florida Turnpike? Call us First.

The sheer volume of state troopers patrolling the Turnpike, both on the ground and from the air, can make it seem like fighting your speeding ticket would be a lost cause. In reality, doing so successfully is not only possible but relatively simple, especially if the officer who issued the citation made errors when doing so.

Some errors are enough to get your case dismissed. Examples include a missing signature by the issuing officer, a late filing date, and no mention of the location where the alleged offense occurred. Less-serious errors, such as an incorrect license plate, may result in reduced points on your driving record.

Errors are more common than most people realize. For this reason alone, it's important to hire an experienced lawyer to help you fight your Florida Turnpike speeding ticket.

Contact an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Florida

Our Florida traffic defense law firm, Skubiak & Rivas, has a longstanding track record for helping clients successfully challenge speeding tickets received while driving the Florida Turnpike. If you recently received a ticket on the Turnpike, contact us at 407-894-4449 for a free, no-risk consultation.

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