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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orlando

Federal Criminal charges are incredibly serious in the eyes of the legal system. The first step in clearing your name begins with hiring the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando.

Rivas & Associates, P.A. have over 65 years of combined experience in representing, defending, and successfully litigating these alleged crimes, winning the best outcome for our clients consistently.

Our team of experienced, aggressive, and deeply focused criminal lawyers in Orlando, Fl, will work tirelessly to defend your best interests, and always look for a strategy that will protect you from further legal peril and achieve your legal defense objectives.


Trust the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, call Rivas & Associates, P.A. now, and begin your defense immediately.


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The anxiety of being investigated as a suspected party in a criminal investigation can be overwhelming, frightening, and extremely intimidating. The vast resources that Criminal Prosecutors have access to will often leave those who are being investigated feeling helpless and vulnerable. The best defense begins with hiring the law firm of Rivas & Associates, P.A., the most successful and deeply experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL.

The law firm of Rivas & Associates, P.A. is lead by Attorney Alain Rivas. Over their combined 65 years of experience in practicing criminal law, the firm’s reputation of being one of the most steadfast, knowledgable, and deeply dedicated criminal defense attorneys in Orlando, has earned deep respect amongst the judges and legal community due to the daily courtroom appearances that our criminal defense lawyers in Orlando make amongst their peers in the legal community.

Since 2001, Rivas & Associates, P.A. has grown into Central Florida’s most recognizable criminal justice attorney in Orlando, due to the firm’s commitment to excellent service and passionate representation. If you are in need of Criminal Representation, please visit the Official Website of Rivas & Associates, P.A.  Criminal Defense Attorney Orlando, Fl.


Federal Crimes

Federal agencies leverage the incredible amount of resources that are available to them, often tirelessly investigating cases long before you are alerted to the charges being pressed against you. Hiring an experienced criminal justice attorney in Orlando, as soon as you are aware of the investigation will give you the opportunity to build a robust defense. Our team of Criminal Defense Lawyers understands the law, how your future can be affected, and how to formulate the best defense for your charges.

Our dedicated Criminal Lawyer in Orlando will work tirelessly on your case, exploring every detail in your case, assuring that you will be fairly represented with the best possible defense against your accusations. Some of the crimes that we successfully defend against are:



Do Not Delay If You Need Advice and Advocacy

If you have been charged with, or have the possibility of being charged with a Criminal Crime, your best option is to hire the most successful Criminal Justice Attorney in Orlando.

Contact the most trusted Orlando Criminal Lawyer s at Rivas & Associates, P.A.

The Rivas & Associates, P.A. law firm has over 65 years of combined experience handling tough criminal cases in and around Orlando. Our experienced criminal lawyers are ready to fight to get you the best outcome possible.

NEVER surrender and admit to a charge, without your day in court.

The Criminal defense lawyers of Skubiak and Rivas serve a wide area in Central Florida with vast experience in local courts. We’re ready to fight your criminal charge in Orlando, Orange County, Kissimmee, Osceola County, Sanford, Seminole County, Volusia, and Brevard and Lake Counties.

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