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Save Money on your Premiums
We will aggressively represent you in court. Our goal is to file every possible motion to get your ticket and/or case dismissed. Fight your ticket and Florida DUI charge to save money on your insurance premiums.

We’ll Appear in Court on Your Behalf
Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. will file all the necessary paperwork and appear in court on your behalf. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for you to go to court and take time away from work.

Money Back Guarantee*
We stand behind our court record and offer traffic ticket clients a money back Guarantee*.
At Skubiak & Rivas, P.A., we make this promise with all our civil infraction violation clients (non-court mandatory cases only): If we do not keep points off your driving record as of result of our representation, we will refund our attorneys’ fees. Contact us for a free initial consultation. (Guarantee applies only in Orange County).