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7 Quick Tips For Driving Safely During The Summer

Summer is around the corner and millions of people will be hitting the road in the coming months. Some will be on their way to the beach. Others will be on long road trips. Wherever you plan to drive this summer, it’s important to drive safely. A single mistake can lead to a speeding ticket, DUI charge, or an accident.

Following are seven tips for driving safely during the summer. They’ll help you to avoid problems on the road, and in the event you’re charged with criminal traffic violations, in court.

#1 – Follow The Speed Limit

It often seems like breaking the speed limit is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Many drivers treat them as suggestions rather than rules.

If you’re caught speeding, you risk losing your license, tarnishing your driving record, and being forced to pay higher insurance rates. It’s not worth it. Follow the posted limit.

#2 – Take Your Time

It’s natural to be in a hurry when you’re on the road. You’d rather be at your destination than traveling to it.

The problem is, hurrying impairs your ability to make good, quick decisions. That can have catastrophic results when you’re behind the wheel.

Take your time. The beach will still be there if you arrive a few minutes later than planned.

#3 – Stay Off Your Phone

Using your phone while driving is a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re texting friends, sending emails, or looking something up on Google, you’re distracted. That means you’re less mindful of what’s happening on the road.

Traffic laws in Florida ban typing on your mobile device. Keep in mind, if you’re pulled over and cited for it, you may be able to fight the ticket.

That said, the best option is to avoid trouble altogether by staying off your phone when you’re behind the wheel.

#4 – Pay Attention To The Road

Safe summer driving entails more than just driving the speed limit and setting aside your phone. You need to be aware of your surroundings.

Look for motorcycles that are trying to share your lane. Keep your eyes open for workers repairing the road. And of course, watch for pedestrians, some of whom may have a less-than-firm grasp of the rules that govern when they can cross the street.

#5 – Follow The Four-Second Rule

The four-second rule is a safety buffer. It reflects the distance you should leave between your car and the one in front of you. The buffer gives you time to avoid a collision when the driver ahead of you makes a sudden stop.

Four seconds may seem excessive. But it can mean the difference between getting into a car accident and avoiding one.

#6 – Wear Your Seat Belt

The state of Florida requires drivers and front passengers to wear seat belts. Doing so can literally save your life. Your seat belt will prevent you from hitting your head against the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield in the event of a collision.

Strap yourself in as soon as you climb into the driver’s seat.

#7 – Don’t Drink And Drive

Alcohol obviously impairs your driving ability. Everyone knows that. The problem is, many people believe they’re more sober than they actually are. They get behind the wheel confident in their driving skills, but with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

If you’re enjoying the summer with a drink (or three), don’t drive. Let someone else take you where you need to go. In the event you’re arrested for drunk driving, hire a DUI defense attorney to fight the charges.

Driving safe during the summer will not only help you to avoid injury, but also legal trouble. If you’re cited for traffic violations, contact us today. Fill out the form on this website or call 407-894-4449 to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your case.