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Points are issued when a Florida driver is found guilty (or admits guilt) to a moving violation, speeding, license suspension or other incident. The number of points associated with each incident varies.

The Florida points-related suspension system is as follows:

12 points within 12 months — 30-day license suspension.
18 points within 18 months — 90-day license suspension.
24 points within 36 months — 12-month license suspension.

Many drivers opt to attend traffic school, as this prevents you from receiving points. But points aren’t the only common cause of license suspensions. Other common causes include:

  • Unpaid fines, parking tickets, etc.
  • Lack of auto insurance;
  • Failure to appear for a traffic-related summons;
  • Inability to meet the minimum vision requirements;
  • Failure to complete traffic school when court-ordered to do so;
  • A traffic infraction involving personal injury or loss of life; and
  • Child support delinquency.

Additionally, a DUI conviction is a leading reason why your Florida’s driver license may be revoked. The minimum penalty is 180 days for the first conviction. If your Florida Drivers License has been suspended or your are close to a suspension, call Skubiak & Rivas at 407-894-4449 for a Free case review on your Florida Drivers License.