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A speeding ticket can impact you in several ways. You may be forced to pay a hefty fine; the infraction can add points to your driving record; and it can cause your insurance rates to rise. Depending on the number of points you have on your driving record, it can even jeopardize your driving privileges.

That’s why it’s smart to contact a Florida traffic lawyer if you’re cited for speeding. An experienced speeding lawyer in Florida can help prevent the above from happening by working diligently to win your case.

Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

An attorney will know his or her way around the laws concerning speeding tickets. He or she will be familiar with technicalities that can prove instrumental in getting your case dismissed. This includes identifying errors made on the ticket and asking the court to dismiss the case if the charging officer fails to appear.

Protect Your Driving Record

The more points on your record, the greater the risk you’ll lose your driving privileges.

In Florida, if you’re caught driving 15 miles per hour over the posted limit, three points may be added to your record. Driving more than 15 MPH over the limit can result in four points being added. If your speeding causes an accident, your record may be burdened with six points.

An experienced Orlando traffic ticket attorney will defend your case, helping to keep your driving record clean and protecting your driver’s license from suspension.

Prevent Your Insurance Rates From Rising

Auto insurers set their rates based on the risk that their customers will cause incidents that cost the insurers money. This risk assessment takes points into account. As a general rule, the more points you have on your driving record, the more you’ll pay for insurance coverage.

By contesting this traffic infraction, your attorney may be able to prevent your insurance rates from rising.

The Florida traffic violation attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas have helped thousands of clients fight all types of traffic-related charges, including speeding tickets. We’re ready to aggressively defend your case in court, as well. Contact us by calling 407-894-4449 or complete this form to schedule a free consultation.